Collector’s Paddock is here to help you sell your classic / collector car.  We will work with you in establishing a price,  prepping your vehicle for sale, selecting advertisement / posting options, and offer you an agreement that will secure you the most money in the shortest amount of time.  Contact us for more information and to setup your sale today.



Consignment is a 5 step process here at Collector’s Paddock.  Everything is set up to provide you with the most information, make your vehicle as marketable as possible and get you top dollar.

STEP 1 – Determining Value

$75.00 charge for this service which is waived if you consign with us.

We do the research and present to you multiyear pricing trends as well as what we believe to be the current value of your vehicle.  In doing this, we take into consideration make, model, sub-model and options,  current demand, condition, and rarety.  We use a variety of sources including, but not limited to, pricing guides, multi-year market trends, auction pricing, and area pricing.  Then we sit down with you, look at timelines and establish the best price for your vehicle.

STEP 2 – Inspection and Preparation

Charge determined upon completion of the inspection.

Upon entering the Paddock, your vehicle will receive an inspection with recommendations for detailing and preparation for sale.  This will include, but is not limited to:

Exterior, interior, and engine bay cleaning.

Fluid checks for cleanliness and level.

Systems check to determine what is and what may not be functioning correctly.

Upon completion of the inspection, we will establish what we call a “sales prep program” for your vehicle.  The cost will be dependent upon the amount of work necessary to prepare your vehicle for sale.

STEP 3 – Staging, Pictures and Video

Cost is $150.00

We will stage and photograph your vehicle in high definition.  We will take up to 80 pictures, showing all areas, including exterior, interior, trunk, engine bay, and under carriage.  We will also create a walk around video showing the interior, exterior, and the engine running.

STEP 4 – Posting and Showing

We will post your vehicle on our website at no additional charge.  We will post on outside websites and publications at cost, charged back to you.  We recommend a minimum of 3 posting sites for an effective sale.

There is no additional charge for storing and showing your vehicle for the first 8 weeks when your vehicle is posted on a minimum of 3 mutually agreed upon outside sites.  After 8 weeks, regular storage fees may be applied.

STEP 5 – Sale

Commission due upon the completed sale of your vehicle is 7% of the sales price or $700.00, whichever amount is greater.

We will handle the negotiations, paperwork, complete the sale, and arrange for delivery of the vehicle to the new owner.