Welcome to Collector’s Paddock. 

We are Houston’s finest Exotic, Classic & Collector Car Storage and Care Facility offering the following services:

Long / Short Term Storage.


Sales, Including Consignments.


Finders Services and Brokerage.

Collector’s Paddock is a licensed dealership committed to helping you participate in and enjoy the car hobby.

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Classic automobiles conjure up memories of a time where things seemed more fun and exciting. Relive the classic life.

Fast Lane

America’s sports car.  A favorite to all automotive enthusiasts. Fast, fun, exciting.

Top Down

Drive-ins, diners, cruise nights.  Automotive classic rides take you there in style.


The unmatched driving experience. Only in a collector car.

Hobby Enthusiast

Good times with family and friends.

Made Affordable



CP provides a clean, climate-controlled environment for your prized vehicle. We will keep your car detailed & attached to a battery charger so that it is always ready to go when you want it. We run and/or operate your vehicle based on your requirements, and also provide a valet service for delivery and pick up of your vehicle within 30 miles of our location to save you time.



A comfortable gathering place for both collectors and customers.  Whether you’re just stopping by or staying a while to enjoy conversations with friends and colleagues,

Made Easy



Collector’s Paddock offers consignments as well as select classic cars that we enjoy and we ship world wide.  Check out what we have to offer and drive away with the collector car of your dreams today.

Visit Collector’s Paddock and see what automotive classic fits your lifestyle and budget.



Being “car people,” we help you find and acquire the collector car of your dreams.  We work with you to identify the classic that you desire and help you establish a budget. We do the research, locate examples, and report on condition and value.  CP will manage the purchase and set up delivery.

Collector’s Paddock attends auctions throughout the country and can represent and or assist you as needed.

Use the Collector’s Paddock to secure your next classic car, collector car purchase.

Made Worry Free



Classic cars and collector cars always need a little extra attention, care, and repair. We’re here to assist you in making certain that your baby stays beautiful and on the road.

If you are looking for a complete detail, we have the best products and skills to get the job done right. If you are a do it yourselfer, we are a retailer for Griots Garage (www.griotsgarage.com) and provide you with the absolute best care car products on the market today. Either way, we are here to make your car look and feel its absolute best.

automotive storage


We also provide our clients the best products and service for routine maintenance and overall vehicle care.

1932 Ford Roadster

For Sale: $43,500

1970 Camaro Z28

For Sale: $47,500.00

1969 Camaro COPO Replica

For Sale: $44,750.00

1971 Chevrolet Chevelle

For Sale: $34,500


It’s important that you have the right partner and right result for your classic car, collector car experience. Collector’s Paddock will work with you to introduce you to, and/or expand your experience in, the car hobby.

Get on the road with Collector’s Paddock.



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